Fire Prevention


Wise Fire Prevention Tips

Fireplaces are beautiful to watch, but owning and operating one comes with responsibilities. You can keep your home safe and prevent chimney fires by following a few simple steps and relying on Dano's Chimney Sweep for regular maintenance and repairs.

Simple Steps to Avoid Chimney Fires

  • An annual cleaning and inspection by a qualified professional is extremely important.
  • Burn dry, seasoned wood. Hard or soft wood considerations are less important than using dry wood.
  • A small, hot fire is safer than a large, smoky fire.
  • Do not use your fireplace to get rid of trash, Christmas trees, wrapping paper, or cardboard. These contribute to chimney fires.
  • Practice safe burning by using stovepipe thermometers on your wood stove.
  • If you have catalytic combustors, be sure to have them inspected and cleaned regularly.
  • Call us at 507-282-7223 for help with any fireplace part or product.
Call now to schedule your next chimney inspection and cleaning services.
The National Fire Protection Association
recommends that you have
your home's chimney inspected
at least once a year.

You can depend on
Dano's Chimney Sweep
for all your chimney cleaning,
maintenance, and repair work.

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