Chimney Fire Safety


Good Chimney Fire Safety Practices

If you have a chimney fire, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself and your family.

Preventing a chimney fire is your best choice. Call us at 507-282-7223 to schedule an inspection by a Certified Chimney Sweep to make sure your chimney is completely clear and clean. You can have us install a chimney fire extinguisher in your fireplace or wood stove for added safety.

Steps to Be Taken

  • Get out of the house. Homes are replaceable, but lives are not. Your first step should be to make sure everyone is safely out of the house.
  • Call the fire department.
If you see a fire developing in your home's chimney and it's still safe for you to act, these steps may control it and prevent it from spreading. Getting out of the house and contacting the fire department are the most important steps.
  • Reduce the airflow to the fire by closing the glass doors on your fireplace or inlets on your wood stove.
  • Once you are safely outside, spray the flammable parts of your roof with a garden hose to prevent the fire from spreading.
Fireplace glass door
Call now to schedule your next chimney inspection and cleaning services.
The National Fire Protection Association
recommends that you have
your home's chimney inspected
at least once a year.

You can depend on
Dano's Chimney Sweep
for all your chimney cleaning,
maintenance, and repair work.

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