Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent

Reduce a Fire Risk With Dryer Vent Cleaning

You may have a fire risk in your home and not even know it. Without proper maintenance, your dryer poses a fire danger and perhaps a carbon monoxide poisoning hazard. To make sure your dryer is properly vented, call us at 507-282-7223.

Clear Away Lint and Obstructions

The leading cause of dryer fires and dryer-related carbon monoxide poisoning is lint obstructing the exhaust vent. Lint is flammable, and when heat is unable to escape properly, it builds up and creates a fire risk. 

In today's homes, the dryer is often located in the inner core of the house, and the heat exhausts through a long, twisting, turning vent. Unlike the vents in older homes, which tended to be short and direct, newer vents are more likely to develop obstructions. Bird, rodent, and insect nests can also obstruct your dryer vent.

Natural gas cloth dryers require clear exhaust ducts to prevent dangerous natural gases from being forced back into your home.

If you find that your dryer is unusually hot or that your clothes are not drying completely, you may have an obstructed dryer vent. It's time to call Dano's Chimney Sweep at 507-282-7223!

CSIA-Certified Solutions

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends a variety of solutions to obstructed dryer vents, and you can count on our Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians to use those recommendations to keep your home safe.
  • Proper inspection and maintenance of dryer vents
  • Clearing lint accumulation and other obstructions
  • Upgrade plastic exhaust ducts to metal ducts
Dryer vent
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