Chimney Cleaning and Repairs


Comprehensive Chimney and Fireplace Services

Sweeping chimneys is only a small part of what we do! From your hearth to your chimney cap, you can count on Dano's Chimney Sweep for a full range of fireplace maintenance services. You will have a safer, cleaner, and more efficient fireplace, furnace, or stove.

Complete Chimney Care and Repairs

  • Chimney inspections and sweeping — Your chimney will be thoroughly cleaned by our CSIA-certified chimney sweep, who is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and a video inspection camera.
  • Dryer vent inspections and cleaning — Your dryer will operate more effectively and the risk of a fire will be reduced.
  • Waterproofing/masonry repair and restoration — Depend on us to repair all kinds of leaks around your flue, flashing, or tuckpointing.
  • Rebuild fireplaces — Get full reconstruction services for your fireplace, including the back wall and all connected pieces.
  • Rebuild crowns — A reconstructed concrete crown is more durable, safer, and water resistant than the common mortar crown.
  • Install chimney caps — Prevent animals, leaves, rain, snow, and debris from blocking your chimney by letting us install a stainless steel chimney cap protected by a lifetime warranty.
  • Replace chase covers — If you have a masonry or rusty metal chase cover that leaks, we can replace it and reduce the hazards.
  • Water leak and condensation resolution and repair — Water often leaks into your home around the chimney and damages your fireplace, but we can locate the source and fix the leak.
  • Sales and installation services for fireplaces, wood stoves, gas fireplaces, and corn/biomass furnaces and stoves — You can rely on our experts for helpful guidance in choosing a new system that is ideal for your home. Our professional installation team will make sure it looks great and operates safely.
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The National Fire Protection Association
recommends that you have
your home's chimney inspected
at least once a year.

You can depend on
Dano's Chimney Sweep
for all your chimney cleaning,
maintenance, and repair work.

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