3 Levels of Inspection

Stone chimney

Three Levels of Professional Inspection

When you have Dano's Chimney Sweep inspect your home's fireplace, you get the best in professional inspections. Our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps use the National Fire Protection Association's 211 (standard for chimneys, fireplaces, vents, and solid fuel burning appliances) as our standard for service.

The NFPA classifies chimney and venting system inspections into three levels. Each level defines specific criteria and a specific scope of work.

Level I Inspection

If your chimney and venting system is easily accessible and you are planning to use it regularly, the Level I inspection is appropriate for your home. Our certified chimney sweeps will ensure your chimney structure is sound and free of creosote, other combustible deposits, and obstructions.

Level II Inspection

You may require a Level II inspection of your fireplace or home heating system for a variety of reasons.
  • Adding a new home heating appliance
  • Changing the type of fuel you burn
  • Selling or transferring the property
  • After an external event or operational malfunction that may have damaged your chimney
A Level II inspection includes everything in a Level I inspection, as well as an additional scrutiny for specific areas and issues.
  • Inspection of accessible areas in the basement, attic, and crawl space
  • Performance tests, including smoke tests and pressure tests
  • Interior chimney inspection by a video camera

Level III Inspection

If a hazard is suspected, a Level III inspection is needed. This is the most thorough inspection, and it includes gaining access to concealed areas to ensure the chimney and flue are properly constructed and in good condition. Level III inspections are called for in certain circumstances.
  • A Level I or II inspection has indicated a hidden hazard
  • An incident has damaged the chimney or building
The CSIA-certified technicians at Dano's Chimney Sweep are trained and equipped to perform all three levels of inspections. Let our team help you use your fireplace safely. Call 507-282-7223 today.
Call now to schedule your next chimney inspection and cleaning services.
The National Fire Protection Association
recommends that you have
your home's chimney inspected
at least once a year.

You can depend on
Dano's Chimney Sweep
for all your chimney cleaning,
maintenance, and repair work.

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